Crystal Reports Tutorials

Below are links to various tutorials addressing issues face by report developers. Additional tutorials will be added as questions are posted on the forums or are encountered by our organization when assisting clients

  • Drop Down Parameter - covers how to add a parameter to your report and to query the user with a drop down list of items to choose.
  • Save Data With Report - covers how to change Crystal Report's default settings so data is not automatically saved with a report.
  • Using Summary Info - covers how to add summary info to your reports - this information will be accessible by Crystal Enterprise and other file management utilities.
  • Beware of Null - Crystal deals with null values very poorly which can cause a great deal of difficulty for beginners. This tutorial will illustrate how to overcome these difficulties.
  • Calculating a Person's Age - Calculating a person's age utilzing the If...Then statement along with the Month, Day and DateDiff functions.
  • Saving Reports to Crystal Enterprise - Illustrates the steps to take to save your reports directly into Crystal Enterprise.
  • Displaying a page number when drilling down - Crystal Reports offers the ability to "drill down" on groups so that when the user double clicks on a group name only the data applicable to that group will be displayed. However, when this is done, the page number is not displayed on these drill down pages. This tutorial demonstrates how page numbers can be defined so they appear on these drill downed pages.





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